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Terms of Services


We receive payment through cash /Cheque/Demand Draft/NEFT . The payment of any travel booking will be collected within 2 days of booking. Where as, for MICE & Holiday packages, or any other booking costing above 25,000, some advance payment has to be deposited.



Every booking request forwarded to us should require to be confirmed by concerned authority’s email / telephone. Once the booking get confirmed, it becomes payable to us. In case of any changes or cancellation, the charges & penalties will be forwarded to company’s deposit ledger.



Company can keep a deposit with Avdhoot Tourism Private Limited which can be used for any booking at any point of time. Company can demand the account of the deposit anytime. Without any deposit Avdhoot Tourism Private Limited will not make any booking above 25,000



Airlines & travel operators keep changing airfare frequently. It happens so many times that the airfare quoted during the day, get revised upward or downward at the time of booking , there’ll be no such claim accepted to provide the earlier quoted airfare



Airlines/Hotels/Train/Taxi – As per the operator’s scheduled cancellation + Rs.100 Extra

Holidays / Trip Cancellation - As per the involved operator’s scheduled cancellation + Rs.500 Extra

MICE - As per the involved operator’s scheduled cancellation charges + Rs.1000 Extra